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Italian luxury and sports car manufacturer Ferrari made the fastest Ferrari ever. We see that Ferrari is the most popular sports car company in the world. Most famous sports car-like Enzo Ferrari, La Ferrari, Ferrari 488, and many others. Ferrari makes the most powerful and one of the fastest cars. Now we are going to see the most powerful and fastest car of Ferrari which they produced recently.


Ferrari Stradale SF 90 | Fastest Ferrari Ever:

In 2020, Ferrari made fastest Ferrari Stradale such an unexpected and strong car that everyone in the auto industry is amazed. They made the first-ever Hybrid car of Ferrari. Ferrari also takes a step in the Hybrid field. When the car is revealed, when everyone sees this car for the first time. They appreciated the carmaker. Ferrari step-up their game and make such a good car. You see further specifications below.


SF 90 Exterior – totally different from other Ferrari’s:

Mostly, we see that the majority of Ferrari have the same type of structure. But, this is totally different from others. Sharp looking front with new design ultimate lights. Mostly, Ferrari has a horizontal headlight, but this Ferrari has a vertical headlight. The side looks almost similar to Ferrari 488. The rims are aggressive and the side look is impressive.

When we see the back, it also gives us very different feelings, like this one is totally different. The first thing you notice that Ferrari has a circle-style tail light, but this one is square. The second thing you notice that the silencer is given in the bumper, not under the bumper. The major part is covered with Carbon fiber on the back, which gives us luxurious feelings.


Fastest Ferrari Ever SF 90 Stradale

Fastest Ferrari | SF 90 Stradale | Drove by SuperCarBlondie


A shark antenna has been given on the head of the car. The Car head is totally black, Overall the whole car exterior is very great and impressed those who see the car. The also another amazing thing is this car can be fully worked on Hybrid mode. This version has a separate plug-in hybrid charger.

When you see cars on the back, they have a separate area for plug-in and the other area have petrol. We see a good amount of carbon fiber work on the car exterior. This is the first-ever Ferrari that enables Hybrid mode and works completely on Hybrid, this is the also fastest Ferrari ever. Let’s look that which is the fastest car in the world till now.


Ferrari SF 90 Stradale

Fastest Ferrari | SF 90 Stradale | Drove by Supercarblondie


Well design interior of SF-90:

First of all, when you unlock the car with the luxurious square key, you already feel happy and when you age first look at the interior, your first reaction is mind-blowing. Doors are operated with a button and when you see the dashboard, it looks quite simple but, when you see the driving area you are amazed. The driving area is totally out of mind. I mean it is soo modern and up-to-date. Completely digital and modern car. When you sit inside you don’t find anything which is not up-to-date. Everything is the latest and quite perfect.

We also see a greater amount of carbon fiber work in the interior. They have two versions of SF 90. Through Carbon FIber work, the car weight will lighter up to 21 Kilograms. The greater amount of carbon fiber work you see on Fiorano version.


Specifications and Features:

  • The greater amount of Carbon Fiber Work in exterior and interior.
  • All updated sensors.
  • Shark antenna.
  • No door handles, the separate button for opening door.
  • Completely digital speed-o-meter.
  • Totally changed gear area, button system gears.
  • Digital operating steering, touch-swipe to start the car.
  • Touch driving modes.
  • Touch AC Controls.
  • Other standard features.

Engine Specifications:

  • 4 Cylinder Twin-Turbo V8 Supercharged Engine.
  • 0-100 in 2.5 S.
  • 120 KW E-Drive power.
  • 7500 RPM.

In Base Pack:

  • FUEL: 6.1 L/100 KM

In Fiorano:

  • 160 G/KM
  • 6,0 L/100 KM
  • 120 WH/KM

At the end, we see that Ferrari have such a great Exterior and Interior and engine specifications of this fastest Ferrari Stradale. Ferrari made first time for such type of car. More information on Ferrari



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