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Peugeot – First European Car in Pakistan:

The French automotive company Peugeot was founded in 1899 by Armand Peugeot. Peugeot is basically an industrialist family, the family involved in the business since 1810. This company first started as the making of household things like umbrellas and Coffee-grinders, then they shifted towards Bicycles and then Motorcycle and then towards making motor vehicles. You can say that the company is way older than Mercedes.

Peugeot is the second oldest car company in the world

As you all well knows that European car company Peugeot launch their first-ever car in Pakistan. MOU signed with Kia Lucky Motors (KLM) to assembled Peugeot 2008 sub-compact crossover. European cars are famous for their reliability. It’s the first-ever time that European cars will introduce in Pakistan. It’s the positive thing. The vehicle will launch in June and from now peoples are patience less waiting for the arrival of a European car.



The trend of SUVs in Pakistan is now rising. We see from 2018-till now that SUVs customers are continuously increasing. The amazing thing is for the first time, that KIA defeats Honda in terms of sale, Honda in Pakistan working for more than two decades and KIA started work in 2018. Now KIA company agreed with Peugeot to bring their crossover to Pakistan.

Let’s see what Peugeot looks like:


First European Car Peugeot

First European Car | Peugeot 2008


Car Outside:

The car gives us a very sporty look from the front. Beautifully design grill, stylish bumper, good size headlight. From the back, it gives us more luxurious and sporty look than front, tail light, back bumper and overall back look is very decent. Overall the car gives us more sporty look than other SUVs. We don’t see this car in real but in the picture, it is bigger than Sportage, Tucson and MG.


Car Inside:

The interior of Peugeot 2008 is mind blowing. We never expect such a futuristic interior in normal range of car. Full-size multimedia screen, fully optional steering and amazing thing is that meter is completely digital. A chrome line starts from control buttons and covered all gear area gives us warm look. Oveerall, the car interior is very great. Let see, what they give us in Pakistan.

  • We heard that from authorize source that Peugeot 2008 price is around 3.5 – 4 million PKR. 


That’s seems like not possible, but If this is real, then the car success rate is very high. Because, in this range the car is mind blowing. Like no other comapny give us such a nice car in this price. As I talk about many times that the big three, Honda, Toyota and Suzuki robbering the customers for so many years. But we think that the new auto policy will not be favourable for these assemblers.

The positive thing is that Peugeot is the first European car to be assembled in Pakistan. Sooner or later the company is also participate in auto industry of Pakistan by setting their assembling or manufacturing plant. We have wished that more European cars come in Pakistan. Peugeot opens the gate for other European cars manufacturers to introduce their vehicles in Pakistan.

Peugeot have many other competitors such as imported cars like Vezel. Vezel new model is completely transformed. According to price that we heard, and given the exact car that we see in picture then the car success rate is very high. This car will completely transformed the auto industry of Pakistan.

KIA completely change the auto market of Pakistan through Sportage and Picanto and now they introduce Sorento which is going to direct compete with Fortuner. KIA made their name in auto market. But let’s see and wait for further update of this European Car.


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