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Lightweight Sports Car:

It’s been a while since we hear energetic news from Mazda, Mazda sportscars are not widely seen after the strong era of Mazda RX-7 and Mazda RX-8. But, this time Mazda comes with the strong concept, the first car with Holographic control. Very impressive and hard work done according to the new era of the auto industry.

Mazda’s most sold car is the CX-5 (a beautiful and compact SUV that spreads love on road with its impressive exterior. But, majorities like Mazda RX-7 and RX-8, even in fast and furious you see the major role. Overall, Mazda made a couple of sports cars unit very impressive.

This time Mazda comes with

Mazda MX-5 Miata:

Miata means Reward in the German language, the reward given by Mazda itself. The Mazda MX-5 is famous because of:

First car with holographic control

Like this time Japanese auto manufacturers come with a unique design, initially, I don’t understand what type of this innovation. By deeply analyzing, we never heard of this innovation before. Holographic control means.

First car with Holographic Controls Mazda MX-5

First car with Holographic Controls | Mazda MX-5

A computer that includes a processor and memory and processor helps to project an icon on the surface. Also, capture the image and pattern

The idea seems new and interesting, Mazda launch initially this technology in Mazda RX-5 Miata now this car is declared as the First car with holographic control. The picture also creates a 3D image Like this feature seems very interesting, Mazda doesn’t the more news yet, but we will wait for further upcoming news.

Most Insane Car Ever

Mazda fitted this technology in RX-5 Miata, also this car have pretty much profitable qualities like light-weighted, for the fuel and efficiency and save fuel cost, the car must be lightweight. In pictures and also physically the car looks very pretty because of the car’s size.

Also, the most attractive and main feature which I like the most, the convertible sports car beauty is it should be convertible. RX-5 has a strong history, it starts in 1989 in Japan. Initially this car appreciate and sold in good number. No doubt, Mazda has a strong and beautiful history, Mazda also face strong competitors but still, they succeeded.

Let’s come back to the First car with holographic controls, Holographic also has a feature of creating a button virtually and when some want to use it, you can set your settings, and also changes back to default.

First car with Holographic Controls

First car with Holographic Controls Mazda MX-5

I see some lack of technicalities in the exterior, but by seeing the interior I judged interior is very powerful. Usually, supercars of these types don’t have much beautiful interior, But, Mazda cars give us the feel of luxuries and sportiness at the same time. Like contrast in the interior, it seems very elegant.

Two or three things which make the car more beautiful. Remember this.

Price is the main factor for making the car successful or not

Although the car lack some technicalities from the outside, but overall car analysis is very friendly, convertible, color interior options and interior design makes the car worthy and this car starts from 26,000 and ends from 32,000 USD.

Most Luxurious car in the World

I see this car as a sports car with convertible features, good interior color options, RWD, overall package given in maximum amount of 32,000 USD. Price increase more interest in car and this new technology, RX-5 is the first car with holographic controls.

These things create more interest in cars and make more worth. Overall, we analyze Mazda after a long time, so this advanced creation by Mazda seems to us something very big and of course, it’s a big innovation.


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