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Difference between Traditional, Hybrid, and EV.

Traditional cars:

The car powered by natural gasoline.

The car running on natural gasoline such as Petrol, gas, or diesel. Traditional cars concept is applied for more than 100 years, there is no alternate came in these 100 years.  Before 2000, almost 100% of the cars seeing on the roads are running on gasoline. Now the technology has come, but it needs a bunch of years to shift peoples from the traditional engine to hybrid or electric engine.

Traditional cars are more powerful than the new ones. The whole world transportation is running on gasoline. From the bike to the airplane, giant ships all are running on gasoline.

The majority of the running car is running in petrol. Some call them gas or some call them petrol. In Gasolines, Petrol is the most useful, you see almost every car running on petrol. There 4*4 cars which are running in diesel. I see that the diesel car is more powerful than petrol.

For example:

In the mountains area, you see 4*4 because all four tires are running on full power and are running on petrol or diesel.

Mercedes Benz Museum EV

First Modern car in Mercedes Benz Museum


Due to the improvement in technology, Cars are getting more advanced and powerful, Diesel cars are decreasing because diesel fuel has more expensive than petrol and the main disadvantage is that diesel car engine is so noisy, but still there are so many Diesel cars are running inroads.

Traditional engines have advantages such as:
  • More powerful engine than hybrid or electric
  • Easily available petrol, gas or diesel as compared to the electric charger
  • You can drive in any area, mountain or unpaved road.
  • Easily maintain as compared to the electric battery.

But due to getting worse environment all over the world, the Hybrid car concept, and the EV cars concept has now come officially in the 1990s. Now people shifting gradually towards Hybrid or electric vehicles, It needs a lot of time to normalize electric vehicles.

Hybrid Cars:

The car powered by both (Gasoline and Electricity).

Hybrid Vehicles car officially launch in Japan, Toyota launched the first hybrid car which is Prius in 1997.

The hybrid vehicles have advantages such as:
  • Car runs on both Petrol and Hybrid.
  • Soundless engine.
  • Advanced features.
  • The car drove on battery in the city or specific speed.
  • Less costly than a traditional car.
  • Not much smoke coming out.

Due to taking environmental factors seriously, hybrid or EV cars are promoting on the national level. Hybrid cars are now almost normalizing in the rest of the World. We see that the hybrid vehicle is now common in every country.

In Pakistan, Initially Hybrid vehicles are don’t appreciated by people, because people think that when the battery has found fault of fulfilled their life it would be very costly, and their maintenance and spare parts are also very costly.

But now in Pakistan, hybrid vehicles’ spare parts and maintenance are normal. Now it is normal to see the hybrid car on roads. Vezel, aqua, and Prius are the most successful hybrid cars in Pakistan. There are also other hybrid cars in Pakistan, but Prius is the trendsetter of Hybrid vehicles in Pakistan.

The rest of the World, they have a vast variety of Hybrid cars. Hybrid cars play the role of a bridge between Traditional and EV cars. The Hybrid car has both these things. Traditional ar concept starts from the 1880s to till 1990s, during this there is no alternative concept came, in 1997 Hybrid vehicle concept is come.

And the EV concept also comes around hybrid cars concept. In my opinion, a Hybrid car engine is best, The car is running smoothly on a battery and when they need power it shifted from Battery to petrol.

Electric Cars:

The car powered by Battery

The newest and advanced car type is EV cars. The modern EVs were also introduced in the 90s. This type of vehicle is much appreciated.

The EVs has advantages such as:
  • Runs on battery.
  • No Fuel cost.
  • Soundless engine.
  • Smooth driving.
  • Less engine maintenance.
  • Environment Friendly, no smoke coming out.

All we need to do is to normalize the car charging station just like a petrol station. The electric car is better than a traditional car, they have some disadvantages such as Less power engine and expensive battery maintenance. But, due to the environmental cause EV is now useful.

The electric car is promoted by every country, Especially in Pakistan government announced a separate EV policy. Briefly, in policy government reduces Taxes, Decrease Duty on spare parts. 

There is a very bright future for electric cars. When the electric vehicle is going to normalize, there is a huge impact on the environment, Environment will be very better to expect industries. Due to less pollution, life would be better. Many health problems are diagnosed because of pollution. If we control our environment then life would be very better. This will only possible when we normalize electric vehicles.


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China is the biggest country in the world and also the biggest country to sell the most electric cars. The rest of the world is also promoting electric cars and people are adopting them. In my opinion, Electric cars are more successful in cities or on smooth roads. For those people who use cars daily, electric vehicles are beneficial. The main expense for the car is their fuel cost. The electric vehicle is saving fuel cost and the life rate would be better by less pollution.


Three types of car engines are currently available in the World. Traditional engines are the most useable Traditional engines are used in every type of vehicle, Cars, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes, helicopters, and submarines. Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are successful and normal in only cars. Now the world is working on electric planes and trains.

First electric train:

According to Wikipedia, the First electric train was presented in Berlin in Germany in 1879.

First Electric Plane:

The world’s largest electric plane was flying in 2020 in the United States.




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