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Electric Vehicles:

Simply, the car runs on a battery is Electric Vehicle.

Previously, we see talk about the Future of Electric Vehicles and now we see specifically e-vehicles in Pakistan.

Electric Vehicles in Pakistan:

In 2020, we see that the electric vehicles concept is gaining importance in the auto industry. A little initiative is taken by the federal cabinet in the previous year. Cabinet reduces the tax rate and gives relief in the electric vehicle kit. But, we don’t see further improvements.

In January 2020, Topsun motors entered the automotive industry in Pakistan. It was the first electric car company in Pakistan. Topsun motors collaborated with China and made their name as a Trendsetter of E-vehicles in Pakistan.

Topsun Motors:

Topsun motors is initially entered in 2015, but this company is known when they inaugurated their showroom in Lahore. On January 3, 2020, they opened their showroom in Jail road Lahore.

In my opinion, Topsun Motors is going to rise but due to COVID-19, the company doesn’t gain popularity so much. They launch a wide variety of models. I mean don’t such a huge variety, but a decent number of models came into the industry.

Model and price

Zotye Z100    Rs. 1,490,000.


Topsun Motors Z100

Topsun Motors Z100


When we see the car prices it seems expensive. Because e-vehicles in Pakistan are not normal, they are minimal, and almost 100% of e-vehicles are imported. But when we compare the imported e-vehicle price or local e-vehicle price. It’s a huge difference. Simply rule is those things have better quality have a high price.

Let’s see the Zotye-Z100:

From the front, the car looks just OK. Personally, I don’t like the front because of the headlight structure some different. The compact size hatchback has huge size light the only thing which I don’t like on z100, and from the back, the car looks decent. Its looks like an old model of Vitz. Expect headlight, the looks standard and decent.

Z100 Interior

Z100 Interior


The standard or basic features we see in the car interior. The open dashboard is the old and unique design given in this hatchback. I think Topsun must give a multimedia screen in this variant. The multimedia screen is now common, so they should give screen in this car.

In Pakistan, electric cars need some time to normalize this concept. Because electric cars run on smooth roads. In Pakistan, only major cities have smooth roads. The electric vehicles are not successful and don’t like by so many peoples. Because they said that electric car has no power and Substantially they are true.

In Pakistan, some areas where you can use electric vehicles. On smooth roads, electric cars don’t need much power. I think the electric vehicles concept is going to normalize in the next 5 to 10 years.

Firstly we see the BMW I8. The BMW style is elegant. A two-door and 4 seater luxury supercar are seen on roads. In Pakistan, the amount of BMW I8 is almost 20. The BMW i3 (small hatchback) is also spotted sometimes on roads.

Recently, Audi launches its E-Tron. E-Tron is a luxury electric SUV. In E-Tron, you can say the whole interior is digital. All car controls are given on  2 big multimedia screen. It’s a compact size and elegant size SUV. In Pakistan. Luxury Electric vehicles we see on the city roads especially.

Now Porsche Taycaan is the well-known Luxurious supercar in Pakistan. Porsche Taycaan is the first electric car of Porsche. 5 to 6 people import this car from the UK and other countries. I see the usage of electric vehicles in the Elite class of Pakistan.

Audi E-Tron, Porsche Taycan and BMW I8

Audi E-Tron, Porsche Taycan, and BMW I8 


Now we see, the new car manufacturer Morris Garages (MG) introduces their three variants. And the premium variant is ZS which is an E-Variant. Recently, they officially advertise their cars on Packages mall Lahore and other places of Pakistan. From day 1st, when Javed Afridi signed MOU with MG motors, the MG rapidly gains popularity and now they going to start production in 2021.

They initially launched their petrol variant HS. The petrol variant competes with KIA Sportage and Hyundai Tucson. The MG will be going to normal on roads in 2021. In Pakistan, the important reason for MG’s success is the trend of SUVs.

Read this blog and you will understand then why this trend is rising. HS, Sportage, and Tucson have almost the same features, and also the price difference is very little.

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Let’s see some electric vehicles improvements in Pakistan:

Karakoram Motors signed the MOU with Dynasty IT (the electric car manufacturer). This electric vehicle is initially produced in 2001 in Canada. In this vehicle, once the battery is charged, it can run only 50 KM on one charging and don’t go more than 40 Km/h. In my opinion, the car is not succeeding in Pakistan. But, let’s see.

Rahmat motors also signed MOU with two Chinese companies. One is producing electric buses and trucks and the other is going to produce electric vehicles.

The biggest European Electric bus manufactures sets up a $4 billion production plant in Pakistan.


Electric Vehicles

Electric Bus


It’s a major improvement in the whole auto-industry and also a big improvement in the Economy. Minister of Science and Technology said We will convert 20-30% of transport buses into  Electric vehicles in 2030. 

Government of Pakistan import electric buses from Europe. 120 Electric buses will be imported from Europe. 

New E-Vehicle Policy (4-wheelers):

Three or four days ago, the Government issue the new Electric vehicle policy, and the main points of this policy are.

  • Only 1% Customs duty.
  • Also 1% Customs duty on Electric Vehicles Chargers.
  • 25% Customs Duty on complete build unit
  • 50% Toll tax on Highway for E-Vehicles.
  • No Federal Excise Duty (FED) on Electric Vehicles.
  • Exemption in EV registration and Annual renewal of Token.
  • Duty-free Import of Plant and Machinery related to 4-wheelers EVs.
  • Any kind of Duties will not implement in specific parts for CKD units.
  • Every Car manufacturer can import 100 E-vehicles on 50% Customs Duty.
Main Points of E-vehicles Policy for 4-Wheelers detailed by Pakwheels.

Now, I conclude this Blog here, hope you like it and If I miss everything then tell me in the below box.


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