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Pakistan improving its automotive sector especially in commercial vehicles. We have seen an impressive development in public vehicles as well as in commercial vehicles. A lot of people don’t know that almost 90% of the truck seeing on the roads are assembled in Pakistan. Highly impressive features in buses are also assembled in Pakistan. 

Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan (Buses):


1. Daewoo:

Daewoo is a South Korean bus producing company. Daewoo is the leading commercial vehicles in Pakistan. Daewoo was introduced by the Afzal group in January 2007. Daewoo is also one of the prominent bus producers in the World. Daewoo buses are affordable and easy to use. Daewoo is the most demandable commercial vehicle in Pakistan.


2. Hino:

Hino is a commercial vehicle producer in Pakistan. In Buses, Hino made a great name, Hino was established in Pakistan in the mid of 1980s. In Pakistan, Buses are very useful because most people are lower middle class and have shifted from rural areas. They live in urban areas because of the Job. So, that’s why buses are useful and successful on long routes. In Cities, short coaches are successful.


3. Dongfeng:

Dongfeng is included in the big four auto manufacturers in China. In Pakistan, it is under the Gandhara Group. We have seen that in the 1980s, that Pakistan is developed rapidly in Commercial vehicle manufacturing/Assembling. This development is very slow, but it will grow in the future. Dongfeng buses are also the main assemblers of buses in Pakistan.



ISUZU have also buses but it is not prominent. ISUZU is public and commercial vehicles manufacturing company founded in Japan. Recently, ISUZU has gain popularity because they launch their series of pickup and AWD vehicles. They opened their first 3S dealership in Lahore. ISUZU has buses but it is not successful. We see the majority of universities in Pakistan have to use ISUZU buses.



Recently we see on the roads that Forland also have buses. These buses are looking luxurious and latest when we see them on the roads. In Pakistan, Daewoo is the main name in the manufacturing of the buses. But, I think that Forland has the ability to compete with them.


6. JAC:

JAC also made its name in mini trucks and big trucks. They also have a variety of commercial vehicles, JAC also has buses but it is not seen on the roads of Pakistan. I mean it is not prominent. Forland is inaugurated by Imran Khan in November 2018, and the company CEO is Javed Afridi.


Commercial Vehicles

Buses of these companies source Vehicleearth


Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan (Trucks):


1. Daewoo Truck:

Daewoo has also a variety of Trucks. And some trucks gives us look very luxurious but it is not available in Pakistan. Daewoo is famous for its buses and they also have the ability to produce trucks. In Pakistan, Daewoo is owned by Afzal Group. Afzal Group has also a big name in the Textile and Auto industry.


2. Daimler Fuso:

Daimler Fuso is a commercial vehicles producer owned by Master Group. Master Group is one of the biggest business groups in Pakistan. The majority of the people don’t know or not hear about Daimler Fuso. They are truck makers. Pakistan has a wide variety of Truck makers.


3. Dongfeng:

In Pakistan, The bus and Truck manufacturers company are almost the same. Dongfeng also produces different sizes of Trucks. Dongfeng also produces public vehicles. In Pakistan, the Dongfeng SUV is very popular and they are going to launch its great new shape. There are many other cars of Dongfeng but sadly it was not available in Pakistan.


4. FAW:

FAW in Pakistan is initially known for producing commercial vehicles. There demanding commercial vehicles are trucks. Midsize and large size is produced by FAW. and then after some years, they launch their cars in the market. FAW is owned by the Al-Haj group in Pakistan.


5. Hino:

The most popular truck maker in Pakistan

Before knowing too much of the auto industry in Pakistan. We only know Hino’s name in commercial vehicles. Hino is a Japanese commercial vehicles manufacturer. In Pakistan, both types of commercial vehicles Buses and Trucks are most useful and reliable. Hino trucks are huge in size. You can see our traditional decoration in trucks are mostly Hino trucks.



ISUZU is also owned by Ghandhara Group. Ghandhara group is the biggest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Pakistan. ISUZU is one of the famous brands of Chinese in Pakistan. ISUZU has also launched its D-Max. D-Max is a pickup public truck and competes with Toyota Revo. ISUZU has a bunch of good cars, but unfortunately, it is not available in Pakistan. ISUZU has the most prominent small trucks that we have seen on the roads. ISUZU has also large size commercial and reliable vehicles in Pakistan.


7. JAC:

JAC is famous because of small size trucks. People buy this pickup as an alternate of Shehzore. Shehzore is one of the most successful pickup trucks in Pakistan. There are two famous models of JAC. One is a large size pickup and the other is a small truck. There are famous variants. JAC is also owned by Ghandhara Nissan.


8. Renault Trucks:

Renault is the biggest car manufacturer in France. Renault is also famous because of its standard and luxury cars. In Pakistan, the Ghandhara group is the Renault truck maker. Renault is one of the biggest companies to assembled their trucks. but, unfortunately, Renault’s daily life cars are not available in Pakistan.


9. Forland:

Forland is the commercial vehicles manufacturer in Pakistan, It was the most prominent truck maker because it was inaugurated officially by Prime Minister Imran Khan. In Pakistan, the most famous two models. One is a huge size pickup and the other is a small truck. Forland recently launched T5 pickup which is a great pickup truck.


Best Commercial vehicles

Commercial Vehicles of these Companies source Vehicleearth

We have seen all commercial vehicle industries in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the auto sector is increasing upwards and the new auto policy also comes in June. Due to COVID-19 auto industry is disturbed. In the next two or three years, you see big changes in the auto industry of Pakistan in both types of commercial vehicles and public vehicles. 

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