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Bugatti Chiron:

Biggest Sensation in automotive industry Bugatti made theiir world fastest and one of the most expensive car after Divo. Bugatti made world fastest and most expensive car for so long.

Bugatti Chiron have top speed of 450 and W16 16 Cylinder having 1500 Horse Power.

Bugatti cars are the world fastest car, Veryon is the world fastest car on previous time and still ranked on one of the world fastest cars. Bugatti Chiron is a ultimate design sports car. The most beautiful sports car ever made.

The Exterior of Bugatti Chiron gives luxurious look. The signature style grill and square design lights on the front. The slim and smart light with square box design, when we unlock the car it glows that’s the amazing thing. Front with signature grill and small grills on both sides. Overall these combination makes this car beautiful.


Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron


The back is more sporty than the front, long light covering all the back and the bumper also have a great style. Two exhaust and the front spoiler also plays a main role on car beauty. Overall, the car structure especially back is very great. The car amazing side is their sides. The door structure is mind blowing, like no other car have this beautiful type of car body.

The sports variant is way beautiful than normal Chiron, the front look is more beautiful, the front bumper style is changed and gives more beautiful look. The main beauty of this car is  their side look. Side structure is also great. The Engine is also very beautiful placed on car. The car looks great from outside.

interior is way simple than the front but the interior style is great. The C style shape between the seats look like division between seats. Oveall, Simplicity is the beauty.

SSC Tauatra:

The world fastest car till now

Dveloped by the North America manufacturers SSC. SSC developed fastest car for so long, but mostly people don’t know the car company or name, like normal people don’t know about SSC. Bugatti is the world famous company founded in 1909 in France and SSC just founded in 1998. The amazing thing is SSC Tautra is the world fastest car in 2020 also till now.

Koenigsegg and Bugatti are trying to compete with SSC to receive their label for making world fastest cars. Koenigsegg Agera RS is also one of the world fastest car. Now, the competition between these three companies for making world fastest car. By now, Tautara is on the top.

This car was initially present as the concept car in Geneva Autoshow. From 2020, the company started production of this car, it takes time to normalize on the roads.

SSC Tautara have top speed of 455 and Twin Turbocharged V8 5.9 L having 1750 Horse Power.

Engine is almost half than Bugatti Chiron but the speed and Enigne power is greater than Chiron. That’s the amazing thing.


World Fastest car

World Fastest car | SSC Tuatara | Supercarblondie


Let’s come to the car look, The exterior of this car is looking gorgeous butterfly doors, head lights, Bumper and front look is great. There is no space on tyre and fender. From the back, it also look very stylistic, bumper design is very great. Overall, the exterior is great.

The interior is way luxurious than Bugatti Chiron. Multimedia Screen and gear area looks like more option than Bugatti Chiron. The Speed-o-meter is completely digital, Chiron have analog meter. Both Cars are great on their own. Both companies put their hard work for making cars.


Comparison of Bugatti Chiron and SSC Tuatara:

In Speed, Tautara have top speed.
In Engine, Chiron have more powerful engine than SSC Tautara.
In Interior, Tuatara have beautiful interior than Chiron.
In Exterior, Chiron have Beautiful Exterior.


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