Bugatti Centodieci | One of its kind Limited to 10 Units:

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Bugatti Centodieci:

In Italian, we call Centodieci “one hundred and ten (110)”. One of its kind in the auto world, we see this car as the most insane car ever.

Bugatti Centodieci:

110th celebration of Bugatti

Bugatti release this car on their 110th birthday of Bugatti. Bugatti is a French auto manufacturer and made one of the unique hypercars, their models are limited but every model is unique, rare, and most insane. As you see Bugatti made this car, this car root start from the 1994 model. The 1994 model was also made very uniquely.

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Most high-performance hypercars company made in 1909 in France. Bugatti is the name of the sensational beast. As you see their two famous models named Bugatti Veyron and Bugatti Chiron. Chiron is most famous and most beautiful model of Bugatti. Bugatti Centodieci is very different car, it’s not an ordinary Bugatti.

8.0 L Quad-Turbocharged W16 engine with an output of 1578 HP.

As you see the front, this car, the lights, and the grill is made very differently. Not ordinary, the lights you see are very thin but seem beautiful. The best thing we see is the front boot, the boot is made so finely that it gives us one whole look. You don’t see any line or separate part in front, the whole car gives the one look from the front.

Downside you see the front bumper made very artistically, Bugatti Centodieci front grill is different, not like an ordinary Bugatti. You see other Bugattis have a great and huge front grille. But this futuristic limit edition Bugatti has made very specifically. When this Bugatti comes, everyone is amazed by seeing that this is different from Bugatti.

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Under this special grille, we see this beautiful modified line that makes the car very beautiful. From glass is also made very designed. Logo seems small but placed very well. Especially this Bugatti Centodieci front made very beautiful and elegant.

Bugatti Centodieci:

This car is full of art, as you see the side, the rims are on another level. We never see such types of rims, Rims seem simple but elegancy at their peak. Very expensive tire fitted in every Bugatti. We estimated that Bugatti tires cost around 10,000 USD each. Making the fastest car is not that easy, you need the highest quality tires ever built.

From the front as well as from the side this car is little resemblance to Koenigsegg. The glass design is as same as Koenigsegg which seems very elegant. Side mirrors are on another level. The best thing which i like that is

Whole car gives one unit look.

It means in front you see no separate lines of front boot and also from the side it seems like there are no doors but due to profession on its peak, there is a door. 5 Circles also increases the beauty of this Bugatti Centodieci.

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From the back, this car is lit. Theme match from Bugatti Chiron. Centodieci has high light work than Chiron. The double lines with little separation are lit. Spoiler and rear bumper make rear side very sporty. This special design makes this car is on a high level and seems very elegant. Not an ordinary car.


interior is as same as Bugatti Chiron. Main thing which I disagree from Bugatti, they usually put very hard work into the exterior but they put almost nothing effort in interior. The 8 million USD car interior is not impressive and seems very simple.

With the full use of a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, you can enjoy Bugatti Centodieci full speed. But please be careful.

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