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Bugatti Bolide:

In the auto world, you see the Bugatti made the unique, fastest, and powerful cars. Through Veyron, Bugatti gains so much popularity, Their cars ranked as the powerful and fastest cars in the world. Their old and new cars are still trending. Their cars are not for ordinary man only the ultra-elite class can buy this.

Bugatti Bolide is the concept car released in 2020, before this, whenever Bugatti releases their new car everyone will be amazed, the new car with the new thing, But this one is on another level.

Conceptual Outside:

Bugatti’s design this Bugatti bolide is so different from other cars, in the front, we see the ultimate level of design. You see in pictures, this car gave us a very powerful look, “X” design style we see on the headlight, different from other cars, you never see such a great design of headlight. Also, we see the signature grille and the front bumper looks very great.

Bugatti Bolidemade with lightweight material, which helps in-car speed and increases Aerodynamics, the car is well made according to speed car.

Most amazing side look of Bugatti Bolide:

The first time you see this type of look in any Bugatti car. The side presents a different view of the car, the small door and sporty look gives a future view of Bugatti. The small car door open upwards, the stylistic design covers all the side grabs eye attention. The tires look like formula 1 car and this tire increases car speed.

When you see the car from upwards, the car style is very unique, the blue design starts from doors and ended in the bumper. Bugatti made the best car rear, the car rear consist of 4 thin LED lights and 4 exhaust, the four exhaust gives a reflection of a Space rocket, space rocket has these type of exhaust design. The rear bumper looks very great and the rear spoiler is lit.


Futuristic Interior:

The first impression of the cart gives us a look at the futuristic formula 1 interior. The first thing you notice is the steering, the steering looks like that they inspired by a formula 1 car. You see a digital speed-o-meter above the steering, that’s the disadvantage of this car, in my opinion, there should be a big digital speed-o-meter and fitted in dashboard this thing makes the car more luxurious.

As usual, the other interior is looking so simple as the interior looks like an old Bugatti interior with little changes. We see Bugatti is mostly worked on car exterior and engine performance, when you see car exterior and interior at the same time, you feel like you look at two different cars. Exterior and interior designs in a completely different way.




Engine Specifications of Bugatti Bolide:

  • W-16 powered with Quad-turbo and 8-liter Engine.
  • 1825 HP.
  • 1364 lb-ft of Torque.


Bugatti uses carbon fiber in the exterior. But this time, the car made with 60% carbon fiber and 40% blue paint. The car is made only for concept purposes, through this concept car Bugatti shows the world that what they can do. This time Bugatti made the most powerful car ever, although the car has disadvantages like the side doors, the side doors are so small, very difficult situation for in and out.

The second thing is the interior, you see in the interior that speed–meter attached with the steering, that’s something strange in millions of dollars worthing car. Bugatti has limited customers because their car is one of the most expensive cars in the world and only ultra-rich people have the ability to buy this car.


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