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The Urus Behind Brabus:

Brabus team is always ready to suprise barely it is now normal that Brabus amazed us with some exciting news once in a month. Brabus kitted vehicles destroying the supercar speed, the Brabus supercar have enough ability to compete with advanced supercars, World’s quickest SUV is the fresh example of all this.

When Lamborghini Urus is launched we expect that at one time Urus record of the World’s quickest SUV is gonna be broken by some other hypercar manufacturer. But, seeing that Mercedes is on the top with the help of Brabus is surprised us. We have a mind that Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, and others will step up their game and break the record.

Only 25 examples will be made:

It means this is gonna be a very unique and rare car, usually, that type of vehicle with such a rare number will gonna be very high price. Well, World’s quickest SUV costs you around 447,000 USD excludes taxes. Oh, this is a big deal, simply it’s expensive.

World's Quickest SUV | 900 Rocket edition of Mercedes Brabus GLE 63s

World’s Quickest SUV | 900 Rocket edition of Mercedes Brabus GLE 63s

But, our expected will be transformed and turned opposite. Brabus no doubt, it is one of the top comapny who produces super vehicle.

Mercedes GLE 63s (0-60 mph) is as quick as 3.2 seconds.

Breaking a record of Urus is a big deal, Mercedes GLE 63 is bigger than Urus, in comparison with Urus in terms of the exterior we see Urus have a very sporty front, while GLE 63s have friendly SUV look front.

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We like the design of the Brabus kitted Mercedes SUV, they have their style and look. Tires also have the main role in making cars speedier. 23-inch is also the main reason for making Brabus speedier. Brabus has the potential to reach 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Hard work and great work done by Brabus.

4.5-liter Twin-turbo V8 Supercharged engine with heavy-performance forced induction system.

Standard GLE 63s engine with the high-performance work makes the high-performance and the World’s quickest SUV. A high-performance induction system makes the engine more powerful.

Carbon Fiber and Leather Interior:

Brabus did the finest work from the outside, as from inside we see a great combination of Carbon fiber and luxury leather. Carbon fiber material makes the car more sporty and also reduces the vehicle’s weight. You see all supercars have carbon fiber work. The carbon fiber work helps in both ways, it is also seen as a luxury work and at the same time, it reduces weight.

Theme is background of this beast is the same as normal GLE 63s, but the carbon fiber work with great contrast of colors in interior builts the car reputation on high.

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Inside we see more carbon fiber work like any other car would have. We also called this car “the car with most carbon fiber work”. From the outside, we see a major work of carbon fiber. Most beautiful part of this world’s quickest SUV is the rims. Rims with contrast color and full carbon fiber seem very sporty, futuristic, luxury and made with the finest things and mind.

Contrast in colors makes the car more sporty and gives very royal feelings. The interior needs so much focus to see. Although it has a normal interior GLE63 have. But, this work done by Brabus is not ordinary. It needs a high mindset.

Power of 888 HP with limited torque of 774 lb-ft:

Standard GLE 63s with the heavy work of Brabus becomes this powerful and quick. This engine power makes this as World’s quickest SUV. The engine converted into a 4.5L engine, while the Lamborghini Urus has a 4.0 twin-turbo engine, but this time Brabus has a more powerful engine than Lamborghini.


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