2022 BMW M760li | Specs, Price and Features:

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2022 BMW M760li:

If you are looking for a full-size luxury sedan then you must know the 2022 BMW M760li. BMW flagship and most premium sedan powered by advanced technology with ultimate features. BMW 7 series came with many variants starts from 740i starting price of around 89,000 USD. This 7 series variant is ranked in the top 10 best luxury sedans.

We see that BMW series came with an M version, which will make a car sporty. A luxury sedan with a touch of sportiness makes a driver and passenger happy while enjoys two things at the same time. This BMW 7 series came also in a Hybrid version, so you can enjoy a car with low fuel cost.

You see many cars on internet of BMWs with this XDrive name. XDrive means All-Wheel-Drive system on a car in terms of BMW. BMW gave alternate of AWD since 2003.

Full-size 7 Series Exterior:

2022 BMW M760li

BMW 7 series came in different car sizes. BMW i and li main difference is, i came with standard car size and li li came with large size. This 2022 BMW M760li brings a very aggressive front, but it also seems beautiful at the same time. Front grills make a car aggressive and headlights make a car beautiful. 760li front looks just like a full-size sedan should have.

Due to large size sedan, Side profile gives us very luxurious feelings. Car’s rims and M version make a car sporty. From any side, you see a touch of M Kit. Side look of the 7 series looks longer than Mercedes S-Class 2021.

When a person is not loving BMW, it will be going to start loving when they see rear. Rear seems very healthy and proofs hard work. 760li full-width light makes a car extraordinary gorgeous. These types of little creative work make a car very worthy.

High Technological Inside:

2022 BMW M760li

Highly advanced and technological feelings when we sit inside. Screens everywhere, five screens available in car just for your comfort. Very advanced welcome made by a car and it gives you very positive feelings. Also, we see luxury and decent comfort levels, seats made with the help of the finest leather, and temperature-controlled, adjustable, and massage features that make you comfortable while on road.

And when you turn on BMW, the completely digital and highly sports-made speed-o-meter started operation and gave a facility of Navigation, car current situation, and other standard information.

Massive screen in central console gives us a very beautiful 360 view of a car and makes your comfort strong by giving premium options. Front passengers also enjoy sky view and rear also enjoys with separate roof.

2022 BMW M760li is loaded with fully advanced interior, as we analyze deeply from rear. The rear seats are fully loaded with adjustable, massage, and climate options. You don’t need to say to a front passenger for AC controlling and other things. A massive screen and control features are available in middle of seats, you just pick the tablet and do whatever you want.

In comparison with technology and luxury, we see BMW work on more technology rather than work in luxury. In comparison with Mercedes S-Class and Bentley Flying Spur or Continental. We see less luxury work on this 2022 BMW M760li.


2022 BMW M760li Specs:

  • XDrive (AWD).
  • Remote engine start.
  • Digital sports design speed-o-meter.
  • Head up display.
  • Adjustable massage and temperature-controlled seats.
  • Five LCD screens.
  • Navigation.
  • 360 view.
  • Gesture controls.
  • Rack-pinion designed steering.
  • Rear seats entertaining and controlling system.
  • Panoramic roof.
  • Finest leather seats.
  • Best 3D sound system.
  • Stately design and relaxing interior.
  • Builtin sun shades.
  • Beautifully design gear area.
  • Interior lighting.
  • Well-equipped central console.
  • Auto lane changing (optional).
  • Other standard features.


2022 BMW M760li Engine:

  • 6.6L Twin-Turbocharged V12 Engine.
  • 600 HP @ 5500 RPM.
  • 627 lb-ft @ 1550 RPM.


2022 BMW M760li Safety Features:

  • Six Airbags.
  • Lane departure/keeping warning.
  • Rear cross-traffic alert.
  • Cruise control with radar.
  • Driving assistant pro.
  • Active protection system.
  • Front and rear head protection.
  • Wishbone and multi-link suspension.

In features, Night vision is very important, the flagship sedan of BMW should have a night vision facility. Safety vision also plays a main role in increasing car sales. Second feature BMW missed in this flagship series which is Autopilot, there should be full availability of autopilot. So, that you can complete while the car drove itself.

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