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Best Car:

In Pakistan, cars are widely used, in an underdeveloped country, the car figure is impressive. In Pakistan, Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki cars are the most sold car. In Hatchback Mehran is the most sold car, but this car is not assembled anymore. The 3 years emotional era is now ended. In Sedans, Toyota Corolla is the most sold car, because, In Pakistan Corolla is the full house sedans, you can comfortably use in cities or rural areas. In SUVs, Sportage made a very impressive name in the auto market of Pakistan.


Toyota Corolla – Most sold car in the world:

Overall, Toyota Corolla is the most sold car in Pakistan. Corolla is suitable in any area of Pakistan. Road grip is strong, height is according to the roads, Honda main disadvantage is the car height is low in rural areas the car touches the ground when the car is full. Corolla’s height is OK. Toyota established its setup in Pakistan way before Honda.

Corolla is the most popular car in Pakistan as well as the rest of the world. Corolla is a daily life sedan at a good price. Although in Pakistan, Corolla prices are so high. Corolla has standard features like AC, Cruise, Multimedia screen, and others. We see that in Pakistan the car is widely seen on roads. The exterior is a beautiful sharp-looking design, standard size, the interior is beautiful, comfortable seats and decent interior. Overall, the car is beautiful.

Corolla has strong engine performance, height is good and according to the roads of Pakistan, suspension and life duration are reliable. But, when we compare with Honda Civic in comfort level, Honda Civic superior in comfort level. In, comfort level Civic is way better than Corolla. Corolla is the best car because of its long life and reliability.


Best car in Pakistan

Best car in Pakistan | Corolla, Yaris.


Q. Why Corolla is the best car?

Corolla is widely used in all parts of the world. Corolla is used as a daily life car, Taxi, services, and others. The production of Corolla started in 1966, and in 1974 it has been one of the best-selling cars worldwide. You see the 70s, 80s corolla still on the roads, you guess the corolla long life by this line. Quality is great, in this range you should buy Corolla.

Now, let’s discuss the latest Corolla Grande.

Toyota Corolla Grande:

Grande is the premium variant of Corolla with full options. This Grande have,

  • ABS Brake
  • Traction Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Navigation
  • Front and Rear Camera
  • Remote boot
  • Sunroof
  • Auto side mirrors
  • Other standards features

According to this era and car price, the car is good. Good sound system, comfort drive road stability, OK suspension, and everything will in the right place. As I told you, at the comfort level, Civic is way better than Grande. In Civic, you see more options than Grande. The comfort level is so high and has a better exterior than Grande. Civic has a sporty exterior, good speed-o-meter design and other things, but when we see long life, Corolla has more.

Civic main disadvantage is, maintenance is more expensive than Grande. Although both cars have advantages and disadvantages. But, overall Corolla is better than Civic, Corolla first started in 1996 in Japan, after some years in 1974, it is included as one of the best selling cars, from this time to till now Corolla ruling in auto industry in all over the world, best car since 1974 and still the best car.

Japenese cars are the most reliable and useful car, Corolla have many other models but in Pakistan, they have only two: Yaris and Grande, rest of the world they have hybrid model, hatchback model and other. Despite all disadvantage, Corolla is the best car.


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