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The auto industry in Pakistan is increasing day by day. Because of new upcoming customers. The car trend in Pakistan is boosted by people. Every rich and poor person has a dream to have their own car.

My university is 40 mins far away from home, during this time I watch almost 90% of cars sitting only one person. This is because of two reasons:

Lack of Public Transport

People’s mindset

1. Lack of public Transport:

Pakistani people have a major issue in their transport system. Karachi, a city with 22 million people (the largest city in Pakistan) and (the third-largest city in the World) has a trending issue.

There is almost nothing transportation system in Karachi. According to Bloomberg Karachi have the worst transportation system in the world. The auto industry in Pakistan is gradually rising. But, there is a need to huge work on the local transportation system of Pakistan.

The Sindh government started Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), but the question is the city with a 22 million population have enough system for this?. The answer is no because in this system the estimated daily passenger is 350,000. In this budget, they have the ability to easily provided transport to the whole of Karachi rather than 350,000 people.

Other cities of Pakistan also have this issue. In major villages of Punjab people have travelled KM from one place to another for a public bus or van.

In my opinion, the auto industry in Pakistan is rising but our transportation system is so so weak that every rich or poor have used full power to buy a car for easy travelling. In other countries, cars are used for family or long travelling and emergency use and in Pakistan, cars are used for every purpose.

  • Firstly, we need to change our transportation system
  • Secondly, we need to change those people who have both facilities (own car and public transport) have a habit to move into public transport.

2. People who have both facilities:

Also, there are those types of people in Pakistan who have both facilities. But they prefer to go by car rather than public transport. This is the other reason for an increase in car demand.

auto industry in Pakistan

Cars and Metro Bus Track in Capital City (Islamabad)

In an elite class, for example, a family have 5 members and also five cars so they used five cars instead of one or two. This is also one of the reasons for pollution in cities. We need to change the mindset of these peoples. You should be travelled on public transport for regular travelling.

Pollution is increasing day by day is because of the increase in vehicles. We have tried to understand the importance of Environment and disadvantages of pollution. Otherwise, it would happen great environmental damage in Pakistan and also the rest of the world

Auto Industry in Pakistan:

There are three major names of the auto industry in Pakistan.

  1. Toyota
  2. Honda
  3. Suzuki
The auto industry in Pakistan

The auto industry in Pakistan



Toyota is one of the biggest car producers in the World. Also, it is the most comprehensive car sellers in Pakistan. But when the new model of Corolla Yaris is launched there is slightly reduce in sales. Because their look is so ugly and it is also an expensive car.

Also, new companies are trending in the market such as KIA Sportage, Hyundai Tuscon and some cars companies on their ways such as MG electric, Proton (Thailand), Electric cars and some models of KIA and Hyundai.

Toyota made so much name in Pakistan. Toyota is at the top of the Auto industry in Pakistan. They don’t need to advertise or requesting people to buy their car. Their name is so so big. Almost in every single village in Pakistan, they use Toyota instead of Honda or Suzuki. Their customer is permanent.

But, when Yaris came in the market the trend of the auto industry is changed. Because People want to have a good car. They also buy [Mercedes BMW and range rover (second-hand)]. The trend of the market is turned on the other side after KIA Sportage and Yaris came.


Altas Honda is one of the best car sellers in Pakistan. Honda named as the luxurious sedan producers in the auto industry in Pakistan. Honda cars have smoother and elegant design cars rather than Toyota. The new shape of Honda Civic increases the sales of this car. The elegant style, Dual AC, and other features increase the demand for the car.

When KIA Sportage and other companies came in the market. There is a reduce in the Honda Civic sale. The auto industry trend in Pakistan is changed after new cars coming in.


Suzuki is one of the oldest companies in Pakistan. Suzuki made a great name in auto-industry Pakistan. Its is because of they have a variety of cars such as Suzuki Bolan, Mehran (most popular car), Swift, Alto and other old models (Baleno, khyber). Pakistan is an underdeveloped country, they have much cheaper cars than Corolla and Toyota.

They have products like Suzuki Bolan and Pickup have a lot of demand. This is because it is used for multi-purposes such as in Cargo field, In a transport (pick and drop) service and they also have a low price with high public demand.

Suzuki is the first state-owned car assembler in the auto industry in Pakistan, three major companies are these. But, in this current time, new car companies are coming with great and advanced feature. Recently, we have seen that KIA Sportage come in 2019. Initially, they have a low no of sales but, It’s need some time..

According to my opinion, this is because of two reasons.

Highly price with basic feature:

As you can see, the price of the car is increasing in the name of Dollar market rate. But the package and facilities are almost basic. The car pricing changes but the facility remains the same. We need to fix this issue.

New cars coming:

As you can see, the Auto industry in Pakistan is changing and growing fastly since 2018, the trend for new cars is rapidly coming into the market. Recently, we have heard the news that is, there is going to launch MG electric, Proton (Thailand), some electric cars and other cars.

The major success has KIA Sportage in a short time. Because, in a 5.5 million car they have a lot of facilities such as Panoramic roof, Front and back sensors, dual and auto climate control, rear trunk button, Traction control and other standard features.

In a conclusion regarding the auto industry in Pakistan, I have to say this, the auto industry in Pakistan is rapidly growing as the new auto companies came.

The auto industry in Pakistan is rapidly growing and also Tesla showed its interest to setup their company in Pakistan

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