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Auto Assemblers in Pakistan

1. Toyota:

Toyota the best and the leading auto assemblers/manufacturers in the World. 

Toyota made its name in the heart of Pakistan’s people. But, Unfortunately Toyota have doesn’t many models in Pakistan as in other countries. Toyota Motor Corporation should focus on this and brings new models in Pakistan’s auto industry. When the new model came, Toyota is going to rise very rapidly. Toyota should bring new models otherwise

The people treating Toyota as same as they treated with Nokia.

Nokia is the leading mobile manufacturers, but they don’t improve their technology with time and remain on simplicity and as a result, as you can see the company is now very down and almost flop. The auto manufacturer Toyota should focus on this otherwise it was too late.


2. Honda:

Honda is the 2nd largest regular sedan auto assemblers in Pakistan. Rest of the World, Honda is considered a normal car, but in Pakistan, it is considered a luxury sedan especially Civic. Honda is also included in the top 10 biggest auto assemblers/manufacturers in World, They have many models, but in Pakistan, it is only two official models which are City and Civic. Honda also should bring new vehicles in Pakistan, there are so many Vezels, Fit and accord in Pakistan, and people are a huge fan of these cars. But sadly, these are not assembled in Pakistan.


3. Suzuki:

Suzuki is a state-owned auto assemblers in Pakistan. More than 90% of locally made Hatchbacks have belonged to Suzuki. Sedans of Suzuki are not successful in Pakistan. Japenese Suzuki cars are imported from Japan now, these Japenese cars are common on the roads. Only a few types of hatchbacks are produced in Pakistan. Suzuki Pakistan CEO should focus on this import and take advantage and start producing Japanese models in Pakistan.

Toyota Honda and Suzuki

Toyota Honda and Suzuki


4. KIA:

KIA is the subsidiary company of Korean Hyundai auto assemblers/manufacturers that relaunched their new cars in Pakistan in 2018. Initially, they launched three variants in three different types.

  • KIA Picanto (Compact-size Hatchback).
  • KIA Sportage (5-Seater Compact size SUV).
  • KIA Grand Carnival (Luxury van).

We see in these 2 years these models are very successful especially KIA Sportage. KIA Sportage is now on city roads. The luxurious SUV producer in Pakistan. And now due to the success of these three variants, they launch further four variants.

  • KIA Rio (large size Hatchback).
  • KIA Cerato (Standard Sedann)
  • KIA Stinger (Luxury and large size Sedan).
  • KIA Sorento (7-Seater SUV).

These four variants are going to launch in 2021. KIA Lucky Motors has initially launched these models on the roads of whole Pakistan. They set a long drive from Karachi to Lahore and then Lahore to Islamabad. One thing which I like is in two years KIA launched their 7 models. KIA wants to give its customers up-to-date cars. The latest auto assembler in Pakistan which provides impressive cars till now.


5. Hyundai:

Hyundai is the biggest South Korean auto manufacturers. KIA Motors is the subsidiary company of Hyundai. In Pakistan, initially, KIA launched their two most popular variants which are Santro (Hatchback) and Shehzore (Pickup). But, the company was discontinued. But now in Both KIA and Hyundai are returned in 2017. Hyundai is owned by Nishat Group in Pakistan.

Initially, Hyundai is launched its SUV model which is Tucson and now they are going to launch their Elantra (A luxury sedan in Pakistan). When we compare Elantra with CIVC and Yaris, Elantra is far better than these. But, car success is depending on their price.

Hyundai and KIA

Hyundai and KIA


6. United:

United is the national motorcycle brand of Pakistan and now they take a step to make a name in the auto assembler and manufacturers list. Recently, they launched a new car which is Bravo. United Bravo is a small size hatchback including standard features. But, in Pakistan, it was not appreciated because of its sharp design and high price. But, the interior of the car is decent and well.


7. Prince:

Prince car is produced by Regal Automobiles. Regal Automobiles is also involving auto assemblers and manufacturers. They produce commercial vehicles. In 2020, they initially launch their PearL (A Hatchback). United Bravo and Prince Pearl are the same categories. Both cars have good interior and have good features especially Prince Pearl has a very beautiful digital meter, its look like a sportscar meter. But, the main reason for the failure of this car is their Exterior. A huge light given in a small hatchback car makes no sense in my eye.

United Bravo and Prince Pearl

United Bravo and Prince Pearl


8. Topsun Motors:

Topsun Motors is the 1st auto assemblers and manufacturers in the country that produces electric vehicles. At the beginning of the year, they launched their electric car, Zotye Z-100 a hatchback design car. Due to COVID-19, the company doesn’t gain popularity so much. But, it grows in the future because they come with future technology E-vehicle. The latest auto assembler and manufacturer in Pakistan that gives us an electric car.

Topsun Motors Z100

Topsun Motors Z100 Image Credit Pakwheels


9. FAW:

FAW (a subsidiary of Al-Haj group) was founded in Pakistan in 2006. The main name in four Chinese auto assemblers and manufacturers. Initially, it was famous for commercial vehicles. They introduced their three variants which are

  • FAW V2 (Hatchback).
  • FAW X-PV (Mini-Van).
  • FAW Carrier (Pickup).

FAW is included in one of the four biggest auto assemblers and manufacturers in China. FAW V2 and pickup are the prominent cars on the roads. FAW V2 is considered a good hatchback car. But, this car price is now RS 1.6 million which is very high and the people would prefer other companies or Japenese car rather than V2.


10. BAIC:

BAIC is also a Chinese auto assemblers and manufacturers and included one of the fourth big auto manufacturers of China. BAIC has come with three models. BAIC is owned by the Sazgar group.

  • BAIC D20 (Cheapest Sedan with all standard features).
  • BAIC X25 (A Crossover shape car).
  • BAIC BJ40 (SUV).

The most impressive one is the BJ40. A heavy-looking SUV and the sides look like a Hummer. The amazing features are:

  • Door removing (A temporary fitting doors which are easily removable).
  • Roof  Removing (also you can easily remove a roof). 


11. Changan:

Changan is also Chinese state-owned auto assemblers and manufacturer company. Recently, they launch the Changan minivan, which was the famous car of Changan. There are other upcoming models of Changan like SUVs and Pickups). The main and prominent car is Changan Alsvin (Sedan shape car). The car promoted and presented very well. It is predicted that this is the cheapest fully optional sedan available in Pakistan.

BAIC, FAW, and Changan are the main and state-owned auto manufacturers of China. The fourth one is Dongfeng, which is also well-known in the auto sector of Pakistan.

The Chinese stated owned auto Assemblers

BAIC, Changan, and FAW logos source Vehicleearth


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