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Let’s see the Comparison of Audi Vs BMW Vs Mercedes:



Audi (One of the most popular German car maker) established in 1932 in Germany. Audi is known for:

  • Beautiful Design.
  • Updated car with the latest technology.
  • LED Headlights (also the first company that introduces LED lights in the headlights of the car).

Audi R8 was the first car in the world that have LED headlights in 2009. Also, Lexus claims that they made the first car with LED headlight ls 600h. There is a dispute between Audi and Lexus. The most popular Audi series is the A-series. The A-series is the affordable most sold and most useful car of Audi. After this, they also have SUVs series. The Q-Series is the SUV series the most premium SUV is Q8. 

Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes when we compare these all of them have their own importance. Some have a beautiful interior and some have a premium comfort level and some have long-life performance. All three have the biggest car brands in the World. Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes is the most common comparison because all three of them have almost the same range and the same level of cars and SUV. 

When we see specifically Audi, Audi is the 12th most famous car brand in the World and they are under in Volkswagen Group. The Fastest car of Audi is R8. One of the reasons for the Popularity of Audi is They are cheaper than Mercedes or BMW. Audi cars are really worth it. The car and car price have a pretty good match. Overall, the Audi variants are good and most popular.

  • A-Series (Standard and luxury sedans A7, A8). 
  • Q-Series (luxury SUVs producer).
  • S-Series (Premium and Luxurious Sedans). 
  • RS-Series (Luxury and fast sedans). 
  • TT-Series (Coupe and Convertible). 
Audi Vs BMW Vs Mercedes

Audi Vs BMW Vs Mercedes



Full name of BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke).

Initially, the company was founded in 1916 and it was famous for making aircraft engines. After making a name in this field they started producing a car. BMW is famous for its luxurious sedan maker. The BMW 7-Series is the most popular series of BMW.

BMW 7-Series is the ultimate sedan with premium and Luxurious features. 7-Series is used all over the World. When we see the state-level protocol the car must be BMW or Mercedes. Majority of countries using 7 series for their safety and protocol. 

BMW all series are:
  • 1-Series (Large size hatchback).
  • 2-Series (Sedans, Convertible, Two doors).
  • 3-Series (BMW Standard sedans with all modern features).
  • 4-Series (Exectuive Sedans).
  • 5-Series (Luxury Sedans).
  • 6-Series (Coupe, Convertible, and sedans).
  • 7-Series (Ultimate premium and luxury sedans).
  • 8-Series (Coupes and Convertibles).
  • M-Series (Sports kitted models of different series).
  • X-Series (Luxury SUVs X7 one of the Luxurious SUVs in the World).
  • Z-Series (Coupe Z4 roadster). 
  • I-Series (Electric cars which are I3 Mini car, I8 sports car, and I9 which is SUV).

These are all the regular and premium models of BMW. The 7 and X are the most popular series of BMW. The BMW 7 Series is the ultimate and premium car with all premium features. In 7 series they give you a touch panel key, in which you can move your car and know car information. 

X7 is one of the Luxurious SUVs in the World. The 7 seater SUV with all luxurious premium and advanced features with a great comfort level. Also the first modern and the first sports car of BMW the I8. BMW I8 is also the most popular car in all over the world. When we compare Audi Vs BMW Vs Mercedes in luxurious sedans I think that BMW and Mercedes have more luxurious Sedans than Audi. 



The Father of Modern Car maker.


Karl Benz made the first modern car  and founded the first modern car company Mercedes Benz.


The oldest car brand in the World make daily life, standard and luxurious cars. After Volkswagen and Toyota, It is the biggest automanufacturer in the world.

Mercedes have a wide variety of cars. We see that almost every person who wants a car also afford Mercedes. They have a wide variety of cars. Their car range has classes:

  • A-Class (Luxury Hatchbacks and Compact Sedans).
  • B-Class (Hatchback looks like SUVs).
  • C-Class (Sedans, Coupes, and Convertibles also have further models like CLA, CLS).
  • E-Class (Luxury sedans, coupes, and convertibles). 
  • G-Class (Luxurious and giant size SUV also have compact SUVs GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS, and GLB crossover).
  • S-Class (Ultimate large size premium and luxurious sedans, also Coupe, Convertible cars and Roadsters). 
  • V-Class (Luxurious Vans).
  • X-Class (Luxury Pickups).

And AMG Series:

  • AMG GT (Sports car).
  • AMG GT43/53 (Sports Sedans).
  • SLS (The first WIng doors Car, Discontinued in 2015).

And Maybach Series (Most premium series):

  • S-Class (Sedans and Convertibles S600, S650, S680, S63).
  • G-Class (GLS).
  • V-Class (Custom made Vans)
  • Vision 6 (Concept Car).
  • Vision Ultimate Luxury (Concept SUV).
Mercedes S650 Maybach is the Luxurious Car in the World

After Rolls-Royce Phantom, it is the most luxurious car in the World. Their features, sensors have updated and Latest technology. Especially their comfort level, the car having ultimate and premium level comfort. Also, Mercedes have a wide variety of cars, But their most popular Classes are C-Class, E-Class and S-Class, and G-Wagon.

C-Class is a daily life luxury car, and E-Class is an executive class or you can say it’s a business car, and S-Class is a premium 1st Class version of Mercedes. Mercedes have also pickup trucks but it was not seen too much on roads. When we compare the Audi Vs BMW Vs Mercedes, Mercedes is leading almost every thing.


Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes

Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes


When we compare the Audi Vs BMW Vs Mercedes in Sedans, Mercedes is leading.
When we compare the Audi Vs BMW Vs Mercedes in SUVs, BMW is leading. 
When we compare the Audi Vs BMW Vs Mercedes in Sportscar, Audi is leading. 

We see that each auto manufacturers have made their impressive name in every category of cars. All these three brands car is the most useful cars in the World. After Japanese brands, these cars are the most useful in the World. 

Now I will end this blog here, hope you viewers like my comparison of Audi Vs BMW Vs Mercedes, and if I miss or escape anything then the comment section is waiting for you.

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