Audi Revealed first 6 x 6 | All New Audi Q8:

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All-New Audi Q8:

Audi’s most premium SUV Q8, you see all the luxurious and advanced features in this. Audi Q8, a compact and powerful SUV. Audi cars are widely used in the world. A and Q are the most useful series. A series has a bunch of daily life and luxurious sedans. We see that Audi strong in their game and now jumps in 6×6 field. 6X6 is a huge and big size car.

We see 6×6 mostly in pickups. Audi step-up their game and now take steps to make pickup trucks, this is the very first and biggest pickup made by Audi. Only 1 of 1 is produced in the world.


Audi Q8 6×6 Pickup:

Basically, the Q series is the SUVs series. In the SUV series we see an Audi pickup truck. Famous 6×6 trucks are Mercedes 6×6, Ford, Jeep and Chevrolet trucks. Now, Audi comes into the market. This is the only concept version and only 1 of 1 vehicle produce. 6X6 vehicles are not common because it is too huge and drove only in highways and main roads. Controlling this huge wheel is not normal.

Audi revealed only wxteriro of this car, Audi only revealed the car look, details and engine specifiactions are not given. Let’s review the car profile.


The exterior of this car is huge and impressive, as you know, 6×6 cars are huge. But, we dont see Q8 as huge as the other 6×6 are. When we see in terms of size Audi Q8 are small and compact. Well, the exterior look more sporty and sharp. Usually, we see that Audi started to make heavy trucks. Audi takes start very good.


All New Audi Q8 | Audi


The side look of car is also great. Large size tyre gives a more powerful look. Doors are well made and we see sporty touch in this. Audi is famous for making smart cars. We also see smartness in this all new Audi Q8. In this 6×6, we see sporty SUV tocuh and pickup touch in one frame. In my opinion, Audi take idea from lamborghini, the side profile looks like a Urus. Overall, we apppericate Audi for making such a good car.

The back look is completely similar to SUV Q8. Full width tail light makes look more strong on the back. Overall, the car exterior looks so great. Compact size as compared to other 6×6. Audi lovers are excited for new pickup truck and waitng for further inforamtion.


All New Audi Q8 | Audi

Q. We read many minds and take one question,  is this 4×4 or 6×6?

Many people asked this question that, 6×6 cars are quattro or 6×6, means all wheels can move their own power. Well, we don’t see such a car which is 6×6 in terms of power till now. This new Audi Q8 is quattro means 4×4. The last two tyres are moved when the front 4 tyres are moved.


Is this Audi going to be successful or not?

In my eye, this Audi will going to be successful in 6×6 market. Firstly, we see that there are not wide variety available in 6×6 market. Mostly, we see like Mercedes G63 amg 6×6, or ford raptor, they are very expensive and huge in size. Audi don’t revealed the price of this 6X6, the car price depends on production size. When the production of this car is limited then they demand a customer very high price.

Now, Audi revealed only one new Audi Q8 6X6, just to see the public reaction and scope in auto market. It is possible that, Audi can make changes in this new Audi Q8 if needed. Overall, the car looks great in first look.


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