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Audi E Tron:

In 2019, Audi launch their first-ever electric car and SUV. E-Tron, a compact size 5 seater SUV released in May 2019. From the exterior, the car gives us a compact look, like other Audi’s such as Q5, Q7. 21-inch size alloy wheels give the sporty look. When we compare Audi e Tron vs tesla model x, both are fully advanced. Also in the exterior, we see long light on the rear.

Audi E-Tron battery one’s charged, it can travel up to 400 KMs. When we see Audi E-Tron interior, it gives us advanced look, 3 multimedia screen controls all the car. Speed-o-meter and car controls are completely digital. 3 multimedia screen controls all the car.

Initially, we see in cars that speed-o-meter are digital and after that android screen for entertainment and after this, car controls are also given in screen. We see that buttons are shifted into a touch screen. The technology is now improving. Audi E-Tron’s different variants have a different range.

Audi’s E-Tron range is 328-400 KM per charge.

When we compare Audi e Tron vs tesla model x, the battery range of tesla model x is more than Audi e Tron. Compare Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X, Both have a huge price difference and as well feature difference. Audi E-Tron also a luxury SUV with all advanced technology. E-Tron has a smooth drive with a soundless engine, which gives us great feeling and comfort.

E-vehicles main advantage is they have very smooth and light driving, No smoke or CO2 emission, a clean car which keeps a clean environment. Now the world also demands a clean and green environment due to bad pollution many diseases starts just because of environmental pollution.

Now the new decade has just started, 2020-30 is the rising year for E-Vehicles. When we adopt E-Vehicle technology we can clean our environment, and as a result of cleaning the environment, life will be very better, and diseases are reduced.

The interior of this car is completely digital. Speed-o-meter presents you the car performance and car mechanical updates. The second screen is a multimedia screen and uses for other entertainment purposes and 3rd screen actually controls the car interior, seat adjustment, AC controls, and others. In the Back, you also see the AC control screen.

A small screen use for AC control, both back seat passenger can set their own AC temperature. Under the AC screen, they give us a USB socket, which you can charge your mobile and also give us a cigarette lighter. Overall, the four-screen were given on the great car. Overall, we see that Audi e Tron is a fully futuristic car. E-Tron also has a 360° view, when you sit inside you see a full car outside.

E-Tron Power:

Audi E-Tron is producing 355 HP which is a pretty powerful car performance. Also AWD feature available in E-Tron, you can drive this car off-road.

Overall, we see that Audi E-Tron is successful in the market. One of the most sold electric vehicles worldwide.

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Tesla Model X:

Tesla is at the top of modern electric vehicle makers. They are producing 6 models, X is one of the most successful SUV. Model X is a 7 seater SUV with all advanced features, Flacon dancing doors is one of the famous features, Model X also has autopilot mode. Smooth driving on the road with a soundless engine gives us great comfort.

Elon Musk started Tesla company in 2004, and in 2020 it is the biggest company in the world, also in net worth. Tesla’s first public car is Model X which is also a 5 seater good car with luxury features, autopilot facility is also given on Model S.

Model X is produced 259 HP. Model X is an AWD with a dual-motor powerful car. You can drive even off-road.

Model X range is 371 miles (597) KM.

The battery range is taken from Wikipedia, When we compare Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X, the car battery has a huge difference, but when we see in-depth both cars are better on their own.

We see the interior of the car give us look completely futuristic, a single multimedia screen controls all the car. Interior gives us a first impression very simple, but it is fully advanced. Also, speed-o-meter is fully digital, a Tesla Model X also has advanced GPS. AutoPilot is also in Model X. When we see the features, this car is completely autonomous.


Comparison of Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X


Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X

Comparison of Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X


Audi E Tron:

  • 328 KM per Charge
  • 355 HP
  • Two Electric Motors
  • AWD
  • No Autopilot
  • 360° Camera
  • 5 Seater
  • 95 kWh battery

Tesla Model X:

  • 597 KM per Charge
  • 259 HP
  • Two Electric Motors
  • AWD
  • Autopilot
  • 360° Camera
  • 7 Seater
  • 100 kWh battery

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When we compared Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X both are very good cars in their own way. Compare Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X in battery performance both have a huge difference, as we see E-Tron have a range of 328-400 KM per charge and Model X has 597 per charge and the other main difference is sitting capacity.

Another difference is when we see Model X, it gives us a very autonomous look, interior looks simple but it is futuristic, Audi also has fully digital interior controls, When we compare Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X there are some pros and cons of every car, and E-Tron has a low battery performance than Model X.

Tesla sold almost 500,000 vehicles in 2020, its a decent amount and mostly sold in the US. Audi E-Tron just launched recently and this is also sold in a decent amount. In Pakistan, now we see Audi E-Tron regularly.

When we compare Audi E-Tron vs Tesla Model X in all context, In my opinion, both cars are better, when we compare Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X, E-Tron has low battery performance, this car is recently launched and the battery should be a capability of travel 400-450 on a single charge.

Now comparison of Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X is ended here, Hope you like it, and if I miss anything then tell me in the comment section, car facts, and figures taken from different websites.

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