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Is Audi E tron can compete the other electric SUVs

This is the first electric SUV of Audi

One of the biggest German auto manufacturers releases the first-ever electric car which is SUV Audi E Tron.

Audi e Tron was first released in 2015 as a concept car and this car is officially released in May 2019 for the public. Audi e Tron is built in Brussels. this car is designed according to the new vehicle world. nowadays, electronic vehicles are rising simultaneously.

The other world-class auto manufacturers also release E-SUVs. E-vehicle trend is now rising simultaneously due to huge pollution and global warming. I see the rising trend of E-Vehicles in SUVs. We see that world’s biggest auto manufacturers releasing E-Vehicles technology in every type of car. We see that the E-Vehicle trend is rising in SUVs.

This may be due to:

Environmental reasons (less pollution).
Expenses of fuel (E-vehicle is way cheaper than fuel consuming vehicles). 
Less price and less maintenance cost.
Easy to drive.
Car charge in less than an hour.


audi e tron

Audi E Tron


Dual Asynchronous Engine.
71KWH battery that produces 320Hp and they can be increased up to 408hp.

Overall Features:

Adaptive Air suspension.
0-100 in 6.6 seconds
once the battery is charged. they can travel 248 miles.
Single-Speed Automatic Transmission.
Different modes of Driving (Sports, Economy and Normal).
Multi-Link Front and Rear Suspensions with Air Springs.
Auto Level Suspension.
Speed-Sensing Steering.
Adjustable Height.
Full-Time AWD.


5 Seater (also have decent size truck).
Full Digital Display (three digitsl displays). 
Heated Front Seats.
Front seats cup holders.
Keyless Entry and push start.
Cruise control.
Automatic Front and Rear Air Conditioner.
Carpeted floor.
Leather finishing.
perimeter alarm system.
Back seat storage area.
All car Control options given on the Steering wheel.


The speed-o-meter present car  RPM in the form of Percentage 25%, 50%, 75% and 100. The speed-o-meter is completely digital and speed limit is 280 km/h. Also the car performance and battery life are available on speed-o-meter


3 LCDs available, two for entertainment and one is speed-o-meter.
Radio, USB system and Bluetooth system.
front and rear charging ports.
Audi smartphone interface.
360 view available on the screen.
Digital Signal Processor.
Traffic Display.


20-inch Wheels.
Tires R20 (All-Season) spotting.
Spare type on Back.
Aluminum Panel.
Lip Spoiler.
Fully Automatic beam.
Day time Auto Light Adjustment.
Front and Rear Fog lamps.
LED brake lights.

As we see this car from outside. It gives us compact looks sports SUV. The big size allow wheels increases the attention. From the rear, the main light all covering the back area which looks very good. The Audi e Tron just launched in 2020, and this e-car is widely popular and sold in huge amount.

Also the spoiler given on the top of the rear. It is working with brake, when you applied brake it will worked.

There are different other vehicles like Audi e Tron are Jaguar I-Pace and Telsa Model X and Hyundai Kona. These are also most popular SUVs, they also have similar batteries and mileage range. Now we see some dis-advantages of E-Vehicles.

E-vehicle main disadvantage is they are only suitable in developed cities. Because, the number of charging station are not available as compared to fuel station. and the other thing is the car are less powerful as compared to fuel spotting engine cars. The auto manufacturers working on E-Vehicles for so many years.

Now the fast improving in technology, major improvement came in battery performance, the battery goes upto 500 KMs per single charge. In some years, the E-Vehicles were more common and see on the roads. In Pakistan and other countries, the government working on e-vehicles and wish to common e-vehicles on roads to reduce pollution and economically prohibited for economy and also for peoples.

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