All-New 2022 Mercedes S-Class EQS Safety Test:

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Nowadays, the most important feature in any car is safety rating and reliability. we see many impressive and mind-blowing things in Mercedes S-Class EQS. Also, Mercedes S-Class EQS safety is on a very high level. We see the first time that such mind-blowing features. When we see the safety-conscious company, we see Mercedes Benz is on the top.

Mercedes cars are highly equipped with all kinds of features that you can imagine that car should have. When we detailed review this car, we were very surprised that Mercedes is made such remarkable car and high-performance cars. Maybach made Mercedes cars as most luxurious cars in the world.

Mercedes Benz EQS:

Mercedes is named as the top and best automobile in the world and also the oldest. This all-new Mercedes Benz EQS is named as the safest, Futuristic, and high Performace EV in the world and also the luxurious. The car gains popularity when Mercedes reveals its features.

Mercedes S-Class EQS 580 Interior

When you get near the car, the door handle will automatically pop up and when you reached to door, the door will automatically open. We know EV is all about auto and self-controlling by car, but on this level it is amazing. We should appreciate Mercedes for its high quality and futuristic making. The car comes in two variants.

Mercedes S-Class EQS 450
Mercedes S-Class EQS 580

Mercedes Benz EQS in 580 version with four-wheel drive makes the car more powerful and gives a mind-blowing performance. Mercedes S-Class EQS safety is made on high standards. Like Mercedes S-Class EQS safety is made in a such way that, when you stepped into car you don’t need to give focus on driving or other things, the car will do all things by itself.

Mercedes S-Class EQS Safety:

Luxury and technology are on another side, but in EVs, the main and the car reputation, performance, and credibility are based on safety features. Because in EV especially the high-level EVs all things are auto and self-controlled.

Almost two months ago we see an accident between Tesla and tree. The tesla is on auto pilot mode at night, the autopilot works so perfectly but the sensors and detection system are not worked due to high speed and night. The car met to an accident with tree and as a result, the persons died on spot.

It made a bad impact on Tesla, we criticize both of them, the Tesla company and the passengers, Because AutoPilot is applicable only in a limited environment, but this car is not on the highway so technically passengers are more responsible for believing in machines to blindly.

Safety test of Mercedes Benz EQS:

Mercedes S-Class EQS Safety test we see this time, the EQS come with more than 300 sensors and with high performance and extra advanced panel. The Mercedes performed very well during the test. EQS pedestrian detection system is so perfect like when the car sees something and coming towards the car will automatically be stopped.

Also, the car analyzes the other person’s movement, so the car moves also on other movements. The emergency brakes performance and car’s lane departure/keeping system performs professionally. Mercedes Benz EQS safety features also tell you traffic signal recognition, hill assist. Due to 360, you can see in all four directions at the same time.

It stops you from overtaking, close calls, and other related things. Also the world’s know car reviewer Supercarblondie tells us that this feature also works very well. Like you see in video, the Mercedes S-Class EQS safety features meet high standards of safety.

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