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Honda City:

6th Generation Honda City launch in Pakistan

6th Generation Honda City | Pakwheels


Honda city is the most favorite car in the auto market and the consumer are very happy and love to keep it, the market for this car is very high in Pakistan, but after 2009, we see that the new model is coming out. this is the totally different model from the previous one. this model is also running successfully in the auto market of Pakistan. but, when we see something different in the 6th generation honda city launching.

The first and the disappointing thing is from 2009-2021 we see the same model from the past 12 years, this bad thing affects car consumer very much but still due to no options people still buying this model. The rest of the world they are going to launch the 7th generation City. But, in Pakistan, we wait for the new honda city model for so long. but, when we hear that they are launching the 6th generation honda city, we were very disappointed.


Launching of 6th generation Honda City:

Now, the Honda Atlas is going to launch the 6th generation honda city, we see some little changes in the car exterior, no major changes we see on the front. The car front profile matches from the 2013 honda civic. We see that honda has come back with their old traditional long-tail light. after 2008, they launch a city with long-tail light.

Honda has a very huge following in Pakistan. Pakistani people are a very big fan of honda, the city launching distracts the honda lover a little bit, but in my opinion, the car is going to be successful in the market. unfortunately, people criticize this car and planning to buy this car at the same time.


6th Generation Honda City

6th Generation Honda City | Interior


We see some big changes in the upcoming city’s interior. first of all, we see a new style speed-o-meter, the meter is designed in both digital and analog way, that’s makes a car more beautiful. More options like:

  • Rear AC and Output voltage socket.
  • Beautiful circle shape digital speed-o-meter.
  • Other standard features.


6th Generation Honda City

6th Generation Honda City | Speed-o-meter


This car is now considered as the old car in rest of other countries, in Pakistan it is launching as a new car when honda atlas launch the same model as other countries launch, then this car is going to be successful in the Pakistan market. but, unfortunately, we see that when the car is launched in Pakistan they provide less features as compared to other countries.

In my opinion, this fully optional car launch with the price range of maximum 2.5 millions pkr, then the changes of running this car in market is high. let’s see the new auto policy of Pakistan launching in June 2021. our analysis regarding this auto policy is that this new policy is coming against assemblers and in favour of importers.

Because from the past year we see that the ratio of late delivery in Pakistan is very high. everyday we hear the new cases regaricdng late delivery, so in this government decided to gave straight way decision. either you should gave car delivery on time to customer and increase production capacity, or otherwise we will gave a strong relief to car importers.

Despite, it is a slow development but,Pakistan auto industry is rising, and we hear positive news that the biggest car group in the world is going to set their plant in gawadar balochistan. i am very happy that in future, the ruling of big three auto company is going towards end, because they knew that we are ruling in auto industry of Pakistan for more than two decades. due to this they provide low quality car in a highest price.

My thoughts regarding this 6th generation Honda City is they should provide this car according to international standards with a reasonable price. Further specifications will provide after launching.


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