2021 Land Cruiser vs Lexus LX 570 | Most Popular Comparison:

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2021 Land Cruiser:

In a world of 4×4 and SUVs, we never forget the contribution of Toyota. Toyota made the most powerful and beautiful heavy-duty SUV named Land Cruiser. This time we compare the undisputed beast 2021 Land Cruiser vs Lexus lx 570. That’s a long war between these two most beautiful and super performers. This year they bring the new model of Land Cruiser.  Land Cruiser started in 1951 and has a legacy of 7 decades.

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Artist made this car very beautiful especially the last model. The last model having a base from 2008 to 2021. We see this is the best and gives a more powerful look. But, this time we little disappoint with Toyota for destroying Land Cruiser exterior.

2021 Land Cruiser

Cruiser’s new look is completely transformed. This time they come with a little compact design. Although the size is not small it looks small. 2021 Land Cruiser vs Lexus lx 570, in exterior Lexus, look way better than Land Cruiser. This time Lexus won in terms of exterior.

2021 Land Cruiser is made totally advanced from outside as well as inside. But the exterior this time is very disappointing and from inside.

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Inside is made totally transform than the previous model. Interior is made with the help of advanced technology and also sees a resemblance of luxury. The interior looks good but the interior is not matching, because the heavy-duty SUV doesn’t have this type of compact or highly sports-friendly interior.

2020 Lexus LX 570:

War between two major SUVs 2021 Land Cruiser vs Lexus LX 570 contributing the auto industry for so long have the same base. Lexus is also under Toyota. In a comparison with exterior Lexus is way better than Land Cruiser. If I have an option to choose one vehicle. I choose Lexus Because.

2020 Lexus LX 570

Lexus exterior looks way powerful and more interesting. As you see, front is aggressive. LED light and signature grill make a car stronger. Also, the side look is stronger.

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Rear is best part, Lexus rear is the most of exterior and also the most beautiful SUV in world (in terms of rear look). LED lights and the overall profile are so strong and generate attention towards the viewer. We rate Lexus exterior as way better than the latest Cruiser model.

2021 Land Cruiser vs Lexus LX 570 Exterior and Interior Comparison:

As 2021 Land Cruiser vs Lexus LX 570 exterior comparison, weakest part of Cruiser’s exterior is the side. Side profile is very weak. Lexus have also a very strong side look. Front looks little better and the rear is not too bad. But, we expected a very high and aggressive Cruiser but instead of this, we get this bad look cruiser.


2021 Land Cruiser Interior

As interior, both also have a very strong and advanced interior. But, their styling and making are different. This time 2021 Land Cruiser has a much compact and more sporty central console. 2021 Land Cruiser vs Lexus LX 570 both have a fully advanced and loaded entertainment system.

2020 Lexus LX 570 Interior

In Lexus LX 570, we see a main touch of luxury and sporty. Central console looks much heavier than new 2021 Land Cruiser. Also, the gear area seems fully loaded but the Cruiser gear area is weak and seems old. Lovers are disappoint from Toyota, they don’t change a speed-o-meter, speed-o-meter should be fully digital to compete with other beasts.

2021 Land Cruiser Engine 2020 Lexus LX 570
3.5-L V6 Twin-Turbo Petrol Engine

409 HP

479 lb-ft of Torque

5.7-L V8 Double Overhead Cam (DOHC)

383 HP

403 lb-ft

3.3-L V6 Twin_Turbo Diesel Engine

304 HP

516 lb-ft of Torque

2021 Land Cruiser vs Lexus LX 570 in power. Lexus power is higher and has a heavy engine, but engine output is way smaller than new Land Cruiser. In fuel efficiency, we ranked Land Cruiser on top of Lexus LX 570. Land Cruiser is giving more power in small engines.

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